Thursday, 25 March 2010

Work Placement -

So, it is to my relief that I have found a nice little internship for this spring. After trawling the internet for a placement of interest, challenge and value I have been accepted to work for, this delightfully intimate company works on the basis of, Blogging.
Individuals from all over the world have the opportunity to submit their own blog featuring the things that interest them, then, the online community of theblogpaper, choose the juiciest articles to be published as a free monthly 'supplement'.

This unique paper has a distribution of up to 50,000 copies and is funded entirely by it's advertisement revenue. It will be my job to help with editorial layouts, P.R liaisons for upcoming events, viral marketing and working to bring in advertisement revenue.

Overall I'm really excited, it's a great company with a unique publishing approach and the nature of it's contents allows me, as an individual to be continuously exposed to all things creative.

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