Monday, 8 March 2010

So to give you something to look at, heres some of my old work.

(untitled) 2006

This is from one of my first major photographic projects and it's really what made me realise I could do this. It's all about Voyeurism, perception and seduction.

These beautifully fuzzy images are digital pin holes. Taken some time in 2007 at Gwithian Beach, Cornwall (where I live).

This is also a picture taken at Gwithian Beach, it's a fluke and I love it.

I don't really have a style or a lifelong subject as I say my tastes are slightly eclectic. I like and take inspiration from everything. Although I will say most of my work has some personal connection to me and a lot of it develops themes of Identity and the construction of it.
Make of that what you will.


This is me playing with flash and long exposures: something about the flash as a mechanical barrier between myself and nature.

Social Portraits;
Granny and Grandpa: (2008)

These critters aren't the cute and cuddly kind. But I love them.

Next time I'll show some more recent work.
Marion. x

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