Tuesday, 9 March 2010

We like lists. Loads.

Just to show you I can be all professional and jazz here are some pictures from the self curated, self funded and self sustained group exhibition I took part in last December.

Five girls plus power tools, measurements and a LOT of lifting. I admit we did rope a couple of the boys in to carry the wood up and down the stairs.

Trust me it was hard.

TRANSITION: Private View

You can't beat a freebie (a kitsch green table and charming red rug)

This is the result of a painstaking experience, financially, physically and mentally. It wasn't perfect but i'm oh so proud.

A conversation I had with a man on visiting Bromley Skip:

ME: Sorry I was just admiring your carpets.
Man in gold estate car (with lots of carpets): Oh don't worry, help yourself.
ME: Thanks, do you have any that match the colour scheme of this table, Mint green by any chance?
Man in gold estate car (with lots of carpets): Sorry I don't think so but this is my favourite, it's gold?
ME: Thanks but I don't think it's what I'm looking for.

He really was a very nice man.

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