Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Finally some very, very recent work courtesy of the Active Image unit, A two part 'Sketch' project consisting of the Global and the Local, and The Man Made and the Natural.

This project created great opportunities to work with two very prominent photographers, Dinu Li and Dan Holdsworth.

The Global and the Local offered a brief that would explore various aspects of globalization and it's personal and political affects.
Dinu Li was a vibrant and enthusiastic person to work with, and he really conveyed to me that it's ok to have the attitude: 'It's my work and if i like it's good enough for me' kind of a 'fuck you' approach.

So I went home and took some pictures of a place called Trevaskas Farm, it's somewhere that as a family I often visit in the summer, it's got loads of land, full of orchards, piggys, a farm shop and restaurant. It's nearly completely self sufficient and encourages people in the local communities to buy fresh locally produced food.

I really wanted to evoke a sense of romanticism in the images and I was greatly influenced by painters such as John Millias and his painting of Hamlets Ophelia and the light quality in the portraits of Johannes Vermeer.

(The Global and the Local 2010)

The second part of the unit was for the Man Made and the Natural, headed by Dan Holdsworth it was suggested by the brief that we explored the project through landscapes. However having not been in the studio for a long time I thought it would be interesting and fun to play with the idea of abstract landscapes. Using man made and natural materials I created black and white abstract still life landscapes.

I used the 5 x 4 format for the project, something which I love, however, what I don't love are 5 x 4 cameras. They frustrate the hell out of me. Maybe I'm just blind but 8/10 I cant see what i'm focusing and the whole sticking your head under a black cloth is an extremely undesirable experience.

But I got at least two, but definitely one successful image out of my day in the studio, so it was worth it and I think I might even try again.

(The Man Made and The Natural 2010)

Marion. x

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