Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The real world is calling.

It's round three of my degree, just 5 or 6 months and I will relinquish my grip on the educational world to see if things go any better in the real one.
3rd year means 3rd year final project, I spent my summer dusting away my time watching frivolous television, walking my dog and occasionally working, the rest of my time involved socialising with St. Ives finest. However every now and then I'd have that feeling, the one where you know you should be doing something but it's been pushed so far to the back of you brain that chose to ignore rather than embrace it.
This nagging feeling was the looming prospect of my dissertation, this had some thought, and absolutely no action. I'd decided on the area I wanted to research and had written some notes. When I returned to glorious Chatham I suddenly remembered that we have to make visual work aswell, so with the influence of some photographers I moved onto idea.

That was then and this is now.
I've been lazy with this blog but now the dissertation is finished and the first stage of my visual project is well and truly established. We've had the pass or fail assesment and I wait with bated breath as to what my fate shall be.

Voyeurism, the act of looking is something i've always been drawn to. The thrill you gain from watching someone, in sometimes the most unobvious way is what interests me. I thought voyeurism was what i wanted to explore photographically, and more so the obsession that builds from the voyeurism. The need to watch your subject, the addiction. But alas that didn't work and i turned my focus to obsession and more precisely my obsession.

I'm a self confessed obsessive.

Personally i feel OCD is too strong a term, my life isn't rulled by my obsessions but they do structure parts of it. I believe it is these things in life that make you different from everyone else. So I have decided to embrace them.

The project is a documentation of my obsessions and i began with curtains.

The images are scaned C-type prints, i'm working with film and printing in the dark room. My obsession is a need to have straight curtains, if they are caught up or not drawn properly then I can't sleep. This isn't a new development but something that has always 'disturbed' me. Its completely irrational and most would say 'what does it matter', but it matters to me and so i photograph it, thus it becomes relevant to the audience.
The series consists of 3 different frames, all shot with the same specifications, and printed a total of 6 times. The repetition of the print becomes an obsession and the audience strives to distinguish what it is that makes them different.

My major project is going to consist of mini projects with each obssesion standing alone. Together i hope that the obsesions will collectively show an obsessive need for control and perfection in my life.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

When one stumbles across another's photo album.

Trendy kids,
Wearing trendy clothes,
Drinking shit beer in trendy clubs.

Oh how it could be to not be so mediocre.
I wish Simon thought I was on the money.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

I like to watch.

I am a voyeur, curious and obsessive.
I'll look at your shoes and you won't even know it.
Obscured vision is my vice.
Summer romance is dead and gone, even the hint of romance has evaporated.

All I ask is that you don't make me love you.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Independent Critical Project - the finale

Thats it. Done. Finite. Next stop, third year!

The images are printed and the presentation has been assessed. There's little I can do about it now. This is for the ICP project, the final unit of the year, I've really enjoyed the work and feel proud of the outcome.

Basically this project was an exploration of my biological identity. Post production saw me experimenting with the effects caused to my negative images by various substances associated with the body.

I've yet to receive feedback on the unit. here are the visual results...

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I sometimes wonder if anyones ever really has an original thought, or are we simply engrossed in a never ending circle of repetition?

People are the same, many of us sit and escape into the visual world around us, we never seem to see ourselves as others see us, tricking mirrors and mysterious voices on answer phones.

Who are we? Who am I?

Friday, 14 May 2010

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I'll Rip you off.
New post, new work, FINAL PROJECT (second year)!

I think I'm developing an unhealthy obsession with blood, not Vampire style though, it's all art. My second year is drawing to an end and with this comes the final project, Independent Critical Practice, this project was to be simultaneous with a Research Paper which covered the same theory/concept as our visual work.
I was really struck by the visual idea of blood as a metaphor for identity, more specifically, my biological identity/DNA.
I have a very small family and the few distant relatives I have are just that, distant, so as I have gotten older I have become increasingly proud and interested in where/ what I come from, my heritage and the very foundations of my existence.
So blood becomes the basis of my project and after researching for my paper I become aware of two interesting artists/photographers that implore elements of my theories in their work, Marc Quinn and Andres Serrano.

Marc Quinn, Self
(a frozen sculpture made of 9 pints of the artists own blood, Quinn is an advocator in the contemporary relationship between art and science).

Andres Serrano, Bloodstream
(Serrano's work often incorporates elements of his strong Roman Catholic background, and this particular series focuses upon our bodily fluids and the connotations associated with them).

Visually I find Serrano's work very inspiring and there are definite parallels between my work and his, after reading about the concepts behind this work i have been looking into how when contained say medically these fluids(blood) are considered safe and acceptable, but when the 'container' is removed they can evoke feelings of harm, injury/ trauma. An end project is for me to photograph the contained, and them to submerge my negatives into the unconfined, and the effects these outside substances have on the images can be relatable to the acquired elements of of social identity onto our already established biological identity.

Here are some work in progress negatives:

These two images are just tests, and the physicality of the negatives are going to be altered, I am also intrigued by the effects of cropping very close in, and taking advantage of the texture of the film surface.

I've decided I like these but need to take them further, they're still a little too obvious.

Marion. x

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Pint for a Pint?

Yesterday I gave blood.

Why? In the name of art and selfless smugness thats why.

It's something i'd always wanted to do, I'm not exactly sure where that comes from, but a new photographic project was looming and before I knew it I was away...
After signing up on line, I filled in the dubious 'lifestyle' questionnaire, (they don't beat around the bush with that one) and awaited my appointment. The 26th April.
The blood bank rocked up to Rochester Corn Exchange; I have a very different association with the Cornish Corn Exchange... very different. In I went, I was already late, unintentional of course, I gave the nurse my form, received my information pamphlet and took a seat, know I admit I was 20 mins late but it was another hour until I even got screened... here i received a polite interrogation, they tested my blood to see if i was anemic and that was it, back sitting, only this time with a pint of water.
I downed my pint, water gets the blood flowing apparently, and then was called to a bed, they got me lying down and everything, turned the pressure up to get a vein and prepared me for what was to come, the worst in the situations is the apprehension... anyway, in goes the needle, left arm... the nurse probes about but what's that? She can't get in the vein.

I have two options:
Leave or butcher my other arm.

I opted for the butchering so the loverly nurses turned me around and sent off for new paper work, and medical supplies.

Right arm it is then, once I was hooked up it took little over 10 mins for my blood to be drained, apparently I was a quick one and that I bled well. Next followed the precautionary lie down and sit up for one min followed by a sugary cup of orange squash.

Bottom line:
It's all because of some fancy project... my idea?
Something about Blood as a metaphor for identity... my biological identity.
It's still very early but the premise of the blood donation is that I wanted to find out my blood group, know once and for sure I'm not adopted.

I've done some tests about the external genetic traits of my parents and some tests of medical blood bags.

Here's a digital one...

I think I want to do something like this but using film...I'm thinking a multilayering process.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Spring and Sunshine.

Easter has bundled along and so I head back south, where the grass is green and people thank you with a simple 'cheers m'dear'.
It's been a tough term and I'm thankful to be home, yet again my suitcase needs to be twice it's original size due to my mothers unfathomable ability to say no to me.

The train journey down was a bearable seven and a half hours long with views of rolling hills, his and her pheasants, buzzards and little black lambs. I've been dog walking, shopping, and beach drinking. I even had a cream tea.

Alas no photo's, i've got some planned for the next project, portraits of the parents and when I return to Chatham central a date with the blood bank.

Woo. x

Thursday, 25 March 2010

I told you I saw the Giraffe's

Three Giraffe's and a bonus wild dog

The walk through Regents Park
(A little Jeff Wall if I say so myself)

Some hitchhiking butterflies

Some loverly pictures taken during my visit to London Zoo.

Work Placement - theblogpaper.co.uk


So, it is to my relief that I have found a nice little internship for this spring. After trawling the internet for a placement of interest, challenge and value I have been accepted to work for theblogpaper.co.uk, this delightfully intimate company works on the basis of, Blogging.
Individuals from all over the world have the opportunity to submit their own blog featuring the things that interest them, then, the online community of theblogpaper, choose the juiciest articles to be published as a free monthly 'supplement'.

This unique paper has a distribution of up to 50,000 copies and is funded entirely by it's advertisement revenue. It will be my job to help with editorial layouts, P.R liaisons for upcoming events, viral marketing and working to bring in advertisement revenue.

Overall I'm really excited, it's a great company with a unique publishing approach and the nature of it's contents allows me, as an individual to be continuously exposed to all things creative.

Tess/ Charlotte/ Emilia/ Susie

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


'Pipe up at the back, please'

With the beginning of this blog I had all good intentions with my organization and the frequent updating, however, it seems to of run away with me, so... here's the gos' from my antics of late.

I became an official Gala Bingo member, visited my first London attraction, London Zoo, got a snazzy work placement with theblogpaper.co.uk and signed up to give blood.

- All in the name of ART.

Lets start with Bingo.

I have finally experienced the life long ambition that is to play BINGO. The delightful Gala Bingo warmly welcomed a gable of inexperienced bingo girls and boys, we signed up, dilly dadled about, miss
ed the first game (not that we new how to play), befriended a young man, I believe to of been called Graham, and began to battle it out in the Bingo hall.

My illusions of Bingo were violently shattered that night, absent were the little old dears you'd call Granma, replace
d with the indigenous population of Chatham, a frightening lot, there were no ping pong balls with painted numbers being tumbled around, just the delightful Graham calling 'nought and nine, 90', which even with his best effort we all kept thinking was 19, and 'Two fat ladies, 88' wasn't uttered once.

With the introduction of bargain priced alcohol and some excited false calls (plus boo's) the party atmosphere began to flow and we all got the hang of it. Our table won the grand prize of £2.50 and unfortunately lost two potential £5 wins due to some questionable Bingo calls.

- Next time we'll shout loud and proud.

(the coveted Bingo pen: I smoozed mine from the bar staff).

I went to the Zoo and saw the giraffe's, it was fun.
- Marion, Age 21

I am such a goon.

It's quite simple, I just fancied a day out. All and all mine and Faye's little trip was a success, we had a stroll through Regent's Park, saw lots and lots of birds, had lunch, tried some amusing animal masks on, pet some sheep and saw a lion roar, the whole shabang.

I also got to have my photo taken next to the snake tank featured in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, my own personal nerd achievement.

To conclude:
Bingo is an intense and addictive game. And SO worth it.
London zoo is pretty small and the food's expensive but it's quite cool that it's planted in the middle of London.

Marion. x

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Finally some very, very recent work courtesy of the Active Image unit, A two part 'Sketch' project consisting of the Global and the Local, and The Man Made and the Natural.

This project created great opportunities to work with two very prominent photographers, Dinu Li and Dan Holdsworth.

The Global and the Local offered a brief that would explore various aspects of globalization and it's personal and political affects.
Dinu Li was a vibrant and enthusiastic person to work with, and he really conveyed to me that it's ok to have the attitude: 'It's my work and if i like it's good enough for me' kind of a 'fuck you' approach.

So I went home and took some pictures of a place called Trevaskas Farm, it's somewhere that as a family I often visit in the summer, it's got loads of land, full of orchards, piggys, a farm shop and restaurant. It's nearly completely self sufficient and encourages people in the local communities to buy fresh locally produced food.

I really wanted to evoke a sense of romanticism in the images and I was greatly influenced by painters such as John Millias and his painting of Hamlets Ophelia and the light quality in the portraits of Johannes Vermeer.

(The Global and the Local 2010)

The second part of the unit was for the Man Made and the Natural, headed by Dan Holdsworth it was suggested by the brief that we explored the project through landscapes. However having not been in the studio for a long time I thought it would be interesting and fun to play with the idea of abstract landscapes. Using man made and natural materials I created black and white abstract still life landscapes.

I used the 5 x 4 format for the project, something which I love, however, what I don't love are 5 x 4 cameras. They frustrate the hell out of me. Maybe I'm just blind but 8/10 I cant see what i'm focusing and the whole sticking your head under a black cloth is an extremely undesirable experience.

But I got at least two, but definitely one successful image out of my day in the studio, so it was worth it and I think I might even try again.

(The Man Made and The Natural 2010)

Marion. x

We like lists. Loads.

Just to show you I can be all professional and jazz here are some pictures from the self curated, self funded and self sustained group exhibition I took part in last December.

Five girls plus power tools, measurements and a LOT of lifting. I admit we did rope a couple of the boys in to carry the wood up and down the stairs.

Trust me it was hard.

TRANSITION: Private View

You can't beat a freebie (a kitsch green table and charming red rug)

This is the result of a painstaking experience, financially, physically and mentally. It wasn't perfect but i'm oh so proud.

A conversation I had with a man on visiting Bromley Skip:

ME: Sorry I was just admiring your carpets.
Man in gold estate car (with lots of carpets): Oh don't worry, help yourself.
ME: Thanks, do you have any that match the colour scheme of this table, Mint green by any chance?
Man in gold estate car (with lots of carpets): Sorry I don't think so but this is my favourite, it's gold?
ME: Thanks but I don't think it's what I'm looking for.

He really was a very nice man.

Sequence and Series (Spring 2009)

These are a series of images I took in the first year of my degree. These images represent a strong turning point in my approach to image making as from this point I have chosen to predominately work with film.

From the unit Sequence and Series, the images stemmed from a desire to photograph nature and the evidence of areas in the British country side that have been manipulated by man to facilitate nature within 'our' (assumed) landscape.
These particular images are taken at my grandparents house in Cornwall, which has a large and varied amount of habitat, preened and pruned sculpted lawns transform into secret gardens.

Monday, 8 March 2010

So to give you something to look at, heres some of my old work.

(untitled) 2006

This is from one of my first major photographic projects and it's really what made me realise I could do this. It's all about Voyeurism, perception and seduction.

These beautifully fuzzy images are digital pin holes. Taken some time in 2007 at Gwithian Beach, Cornwall (where I live).

This is also a picture taken at Gwithian Beach, it's a fluke and I love it.

I don't really have a style or a lifelong subject as I say my tastes are slightly eclectic. I like and take inspiration from everything. Although I will say most of my work has some personal connection to me and a lot of it develops themes of Identity and the construction of it.
Make of that what you will.


This is me playing with flash and long exposures: something about the flash as a mechanical barrier between myself and nature.

Social Portraits;
Granny and Grandpa: (2008)

These critters aren't the cute and cuddly kind. But I love them.

Next time I'll show some more recent work.
Marion. x

Beginners luck.

Hello everyone,
(first I would like to excuse my spelling and grammar, it can sometimes get a little a squiffy).

This is my first time blogging (as i don't count my one word Facebook rants), and through this lovely blog spot I will (try to) share my photographic antics with you, putting myself out there and what not.
I've been doing this (photography) for nearly 6 years and I still find it tricky. BUT. I love photography and the unpredictable nature of film. I'll pretend I know what I'm chatting about but 9/10 it's just waffle.

So, have a look, have a read and if you like it, tell me what you think.

Marion x