Wednesday, 24 March 2010


'Pipe up at the back, please'

With the beginning of this blog I had all good intentions with my organization and the frequent updating, however, it seems to of run away with me, so... here's the gos' from my antics of late.

I became an official Gala Bingo member, visited my first London attraction, London Zoo, got a snazzy work placement with and signed up to give blood.

- All in the name of ART.

Lets start with Bingo.

I have finally experienced the life long ambition that is to play BINGO. The delightful Gala Bingo warmly welcomed a gable of inexperienced bingo girls and boys, we signed up, dilly dadled about, miss
ed the first game (not that we new how to play), befriended a young man, I believe to of been called Graham, and began to battle it out in the Bingo hall.

My illusions of Bingo were violently shattered that night, absent were the little old dears you'd call Granma, replace
d with the indigenous population of Chatham, a frightening lot, there were no ping pong balls with painted numbers being tumbled around, just the delightful Graham calling 'nought and nine, 90', which even with his best effort we all kept thinking was 19, and 'Two fat ladies, 88' wasn't uttered once.

With the introduction of bargain priced alcohol and some excited false calls (plus boo's) the party atmosphere began to flow and we all got the hang of it. Our table won the grand prize of £2.50 and unfortunately lost two potential £5 wins due to some questionable Bingo calls.

- Next time we'll shout loud and proud.

(the coveted Bingo pen: I smoozed mine from the bar staff).

I went to the Zoo and saw the giraffe's, it was fun.
- Marion, Age 21

I am such a goon.

It's quite simple, I just fancied a day out. All and all mine and Faye's little trip was a success, we had a stroll through Regent's Park, saw lots and lots of birds, had lunch, tried some amusing animal masks on, pet some sheep and saw a lion roar, the whole shabang.

I also got to have my photo taken next to the snake tank featured in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, my own personal nerd achievement.

To conclude:
Bingo is an intense and addictive game. And SO worth it.
London zoo is pretty small and the food's expensive but it's quite cool that it's planted in the middle of London.

Marion. x

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