Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Pint for a Pint?

Yesterday I gave blood.

Why? In the name of art and selfless smugness thats why.

It's something i'd always wanted to do, I'm not exactly sure where that comes from, but a new photographic project was looming and before I knew it I was away...
After signing up on line, I filled in the dubious 'lifestyle' questionnaire, (they don't beat around the bush with that one) and awaited my appointment. The 26th April.
The blood bank rocked up to Rochester Corn Exchange; I have a very different association with the Cornish Corn Exchange... very different. In I went, I was already late, unintentional of course, I gave the nurse my form, received my information pamphlet and took a seat, know I admit I was 20 mins late but it was another hour until I even got screened... here i received a polite interrogation, they tested my blood to see if i was anemic and that was it, back sitting, only this time with a pint of water.
I downed my pint, water gets the blood flowing apparently, and then was called to a bed, they got me lying down and everything, turned the pressure up to get a vein and prepared me for what was to come, the worst in the situations is the apprehension... anyway, in goes the needle, left arm... the nurse probes about but what's that? She can't get in the vein.

I have two options:
Leave or butcher my other arm.

I opted for the butchering so the loverly nurses turned me around and sent off for new paper work, and medical supplies.

Right arm it is then, once I was hooked up it took little over 10 mins for my blood to be drained, apparently I was a quick one and that I bled well. Next followed the precautionary lie down and sit up for one min followed by a sugary cup of orange squash.

Bottom line:
It's all because of some fancy project... my idea?
Something about Blood as a metaphor for identity... my biological identity.
It's still very early but the premise of the blood donation is that I wanted to find out my blood group, know once and for sure I'm not adopted.

I've done some tests about the external genetic traits of my parents and some tests of medical blood bags.

Here's a digital one...

I think I want to do something like this but using film...I'm thinking a multilayering process.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Spring and Sunshine.

Easter has bundled along and so I head back south, where the grass is green and people thank you with a simple 'cheers m'dear'.
It's been a tough term and I'm thankful to be home, yet again my suitcase needs to be twice it's original size due to my mothers unfathomable ability to say no to me.

The train journey down was a bearable seven and a half hours long with views of rolling hills, his and her pheasants, buzzards and little black lambs. I've been dog walking, shopping, and beach drinking. I even had a cream tea.

Alas no photo's, i've got some planned for the next project, portraits of the parents and when I return to Chatham central a date with the blood bank.

Woo. x