Monday, 28 February 2011

I'm sure it'll get done sometime soon.

I'm still struggling with the pace of my project but I keep getting distracted. During my time back home home I took few photos and very few for my visual work. I loaned the 5x4 wista and brought some film because I was really keen to take some large format images of the Bodmin Moors, however the weather man had other ideas and at the risk of being stranded on a bloggy moor I ended up in the comfort of the Three Ferrets with a drink in my hand.

I did however attempt some work and shot 4 sheets of 5x4 film, all tests that circled around my cutlery obsession. BUT. I messed up on my exposures so got very little in return.

To the untrained eye this (above) image may look like a whole heap of black mess with a couple of orange sludges, and it is indeed just that. This is a scanned contact print of the 2 salvageable tests from Cornwall. Basically I messed up my exposures, but these images are shots of the Kitchen area, and the orange tone is due to the colour on the enlarger, not the time of day. So the images are inspired but my obsessive need to have matching cutlery so I'm working on different approaches that show this trying to bring something new to the obsession.

As you can see from this blog: thingsorganizedneatly, there are a lot of like minded people out there fashioning through a creative means the way they like things organised neatly.

So thoughts of how I could approach my obsession from my own unique perspective sprung from a comment made during my previous assesment, that in my previous work (obsessions) have all been a part of the domestic home such as the bedroom and the kitchen. It is interesting to consider the change of context when the environment of the photograph is moved to a neutral one such as the studio. These images were intended to focus on the space of the kitchen and the atmosphere and feeling it projects. With the cutlery obsession it is about the familarity of using the same sets of cutlery and the control this gives me within that part of my life.

Although the images have not turned out the way I inteneded they have captured my intrigue through their aesthetic, with the vast blackness of the frame presenting an interesting use of negative space, if pushes me to ask how important are the objects we don't see in an image.

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