Tuesday, 22 February 2011

- I have just found this in my draft posts, it must of been a bad day.

Let me get a hold of you.

The days have been long and my actions sparse, financially crippled I rely on one outlet of social debauchery per week. The Terrible Tuesday.
I as usual occupy myself with the escapism that is Television, I am resisting the daily onslaught of soaps, opting for the American drama or courageous quiz shows that frequent our screens. I have on times found myself not photographing but writing, dramatic snippets of my inner psych. Those images I have sort to capture rely on gothic romanticism, something I so often associate with my home. Home being a fickle title as I consider two places my home.

Well with that insight into an obviously neurotic mind i've been doing some work, well not a lot of work but some.
I took myself for an unofficial half term back home to the sud-ouest.

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